Looking to Recruit a Temp?

What is involved when recruiting a temp?

  • Meeting or call to discuss the requirements of the role that you have available and what you are looking for in an ideal candidate.
  • Carefully selected CVs from candidates who meet your requirements and have the relevant experience for the role.
  • Formatting and refining of CVs to ensure that they are clear and to the point.
  • Advice on suitable renumeration, state of the current market and any other questions that you may have.
  • Feedback from candidates following interviews.
  • Regular check ins to ensure that the roles that you are recruiting for are up to date and reflect any changes in circumstances.
  • Pre-screening on candidates carried out in advance by us to reduce administration for you.
  • Act as intermediary between you and the candidate, arranging interviews, presenting offers, giving feedback.
  • Contact prior to the end of the candidate’s assignment ending to discuss what you would like to do next.
  • Payroll services available if required.
  • An ongoing relationship with The Temp Desk.