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The Temp Desk

We are the first agency in Guernsey to be dedicated to you, the temp! Temporary work is fast moving, very rewarding and can be unpredictable. It also offers you the opportunity to work for a wide range of companies in a number of different roles whilst meeting new people and learning new skills.

COVID-19 update

As you are all aware Guernsey is now on lockdown and we wanted to reassure everyone that the whole OSA team are working remotely and the office space is closed.

Whilst in person meetings are no longer taking place, our work is still continuing: clients are still recruiting, candidates are seeking jobs and interviews are still happening - all done via email, calls, Skype, Zoom and Teams. Technology ensures everyone stays safe and the community is protected, but also means we can keep going even on lockdown, our new business as normal for now!

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