The Next Step

Educating and learning is an integral part of our ethos here at OSA and we are very proud to be able to offer our services to schools and other education providers who we enjoy building strong relationships with. 

We have spoken to students about CV writing, interview skills and even recruitment as a business and the opportunities we are given within the industry. We are also very pleased to be able to assist students who are not planning on going to university navigate and demystify the world of finance and to identify what career path appeals to them the most.

As a part of the community, we think it is important to inspire the next generation of the work force and feel that we have a unique standing to be able to give career advice and information. We are continuously learning and want to encourage others to do so too!

We are also delighted to be able to offer PRISM Behaviour Profiling as a tool for personal development. PRISM begins with a questionnaire and produces a report which highlights any particularly high or low behaviour preferences and how these can impact an individual’s work environment and performance.

We are delighted to be able to lead the way in our industry by evolving our services to include this exciting project. Whatever that next step might be, OSA is here to assist students and professionals alike!


Testimonials from the Grammar School Programme

- "I would highly recommend this PEP as it really helps you to understand the process of getting employment through fun and entertaining ways. By attending this PEP made me more confident in applying for jobs and going to interviews."

- "I really enjoyed my PEP sessions with OSA The Next Step as they always made it a nice welcoming environment and put things past us to see what it was exactly we wanted to do the next week! It gave me that added knowledge to prepare me for the working environment I will very soon be going into which is why I think it’s a very good pep for anyone else wanting to go into employment after sixth form!"

- "The PEP sessions run by Alice and Annie are brilliant. Their friendly attitude and presentation combined with a strong knowledge on what employers and recruiters are looking for is very useful for all Sixth Form students. The topics covered in these sessions are very diverse and useful, ranging from getting a working permit to how to approach companies and be successful in interviews. I enjoyed these PEP sessions a lot and would highly recommend that anyone thinking of going into work after Sixth Form consider signing up for these sessions as they provide you with a better understanding of the working world before you are even in it."