Temping FAQs

We understand that embarking on this type of temporary working situation may be new to you, so we have taken the time to predict some of the questions you may already have.

What do I need to register?

  • Your CV
  • Valid Housing Certificate/Permit, tax coding and social insurance card  (see below for further info)
  • Bank details
  • Police clearance certificate
  • References
  • Passport
  • Proof of address (utility bill or bank statement within the last 3 months)
  • Education / Professional qualifications and certificates

What skills do I need to be a temp?

  • Basic IT skills
  • Good educational qualifications
  • Willingness to be flexible
  • Ability to work hard and to deadlines.

Which industry am I likely to work in?

Most positions are within the finance sector in Guernsey, although we also offer assignments within legal, insurance and commercial companies.

Is there a wide choice of work I can choose from?

The type of work you can choose from generally depends on your previous expertise, experience and qualifications.

Do I have to attend an interview?

Depending on the position and company you may have to attend an interview although it is generally less formal than an interview for a permanent role. There is a chance you will not be required to interview and will just go to work on the first day of your assignment.

When & how do I get paid?

You will be paid weekly in arrears. Salaries are paid directly into your bank account by automatic transfer.

In order for us to process your pay promptly, you will need to ensure that your completed timesheet is returned to OSA by no later than 5pm on the Friday following your week of work.  Late returns will result in payment delay.  Timesheets must be completed with all times rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour.  Once you have completed your timesheet, get it checked and signed by your line manager.

For your information, hours spent travelling to and from work, and lunch or rest breaks are not counted as working time on an assignment.

Annual holidays

You will not be entitled to pay in respect of holidays. Unpaid holidays may be taken with sufficient notice given to The Temp Desk at OSA.

If I am sick, do I still get paid?

You will not be entitled to pay in respect of sickness.

You must inform OSA no later than 8.15am if you are unable to attend work due to illness, injury or other reason.  This will enable us to contact the client and to make alternative arrangements.  You are required to provide us with a doctor’s certificate after three days’ sickness.

Will I have a notice period whilst on assignment?

It is normal to give one week’s notice, however this can vary depending on your assignment.

Contract placements

Contract staff are also placed by The Temp Desk on a regular basis, usually in roles which require a professional qualification, such as accountancy or trust administration, or experience in other areas. Often, these roles are not advertised by employers and will only be available through The Temp Desk.

The contract will be directly with the company for a fixed period, often 3 or 6 months, but can be extended by mutual consent if the workload permits.

Working regulations

In order to work in Guernsey, you have to hold a valid Housing Certificate/Permit, issued by the States of Guernsey Housing Authority. If you do not have Guernsey residential qualifications in your own right, but hold a passport for a country in the European Union or European Economic Area, then you can obtain a Right to Work document by living in “Open Market” accommodation, being the subject of an “Essential Housing Licence” or working under a “Temporary Licence”. Each of these categories restrict the types of property which you can occupy.

They are usually large properties (at least three bedrooms) and, because they are not under the restriction of Guernsey residential qualifications, they tend to be in demand and, therefore, expensive to buy or rent.

Tax & Social Insurance

Guernsey does not levy capital gains, inheritance, capital transfer or value added taxes. Employers deduct income tax and social insurance contributions from their employees’ salaries at source. Income tax is charged at a flat rate of 20% but there are personal allowances and deductible items, such as interest on mortgages and loans.

Social insurance is payable at different rates depending on circumstances. These contributions are used by the Guernsey Social Security Authority to fund the specialist health insurance scheme, which covers the cost of most specialist medical care.


Guernsey is a Crown Dependency but is not part of the UK and, therefore, does not come under the control of Westminster. The island is governed by the States of Guernsey and so political and economic decisions are made locally.

Living in Guernsey is linked to the categories of housing in which you are entitled to live. See working regulations for more information on this.  Examples of the type and cost of housing can be found at any Guernsey estate agent.

For more information, please visit www.gov.gg.



Interested in our Temp Services? Contact Esther Weysom:
Nick Graham MIRP, CertRP

Nick is the owner of OSA Recruitment in Guernsey, a successful recruitment business, with close to 30 years' experience of guiding people through their career choices. OSA's excellent team are experts in finding the perfect candidate for jobs at all levels, from graduates and temporary placements to senior executive positions and non-executive directors.

Nick says: 'I § that an integral part of our success is attributed to our unrivalled reputation for professionalism, honesty and integrity, and for building trusting relationships with clients and candidates.' Nick's background includes a public relations degree and several jobs in stockbroking and financial services.

Over the course of his career and through his involvement with the administration of local sport, he has built a wide range of contacts in Guernsey's business community. He has a solid understanding of how the island works and how beneficial close networks are, regardless of the career you are immersed in.

He is interested in continuing to build his network of senior business leaders for mutual benefits.