PRISM Testing

Having a full understanding of your strengths and weaknesses can be a tremendous help when seeking a new job or pursuing a change in career. Using neuroscience to map out your own behaviour offers a great deal of insight into your best qualities, and those that you could perhaps work on in future. 

PRISM Brain Mapping is the world’s most comprehensive online behaviour mapping tool, and our Temp Desk Manager Alice Digard is now certified to oversee PRISM testing and can help you to analyse and get the most out of your results!

“It’s a great personal development tool, a visual way of mapping your behaviour tendencies,” explains OSA. “Once completed, we can look at each point on the map and identify any particularly high points, and discuss what they mean for you personally. 

Essentially, PRISM condenses the complexity of neuroscience down into something that you can understand and benefit from.

As well as gaining self-awareness, it can also help you improve your leadership and sales skills, and if you’re a recent school leaver or graduate, it is a great way of finding a career that you can thrive in!

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Whether you are a senior professional looking to learn more about your individual traits and strengths, or a graduate or school leaver seeking career inspiration, OSA are able to administer PRISM Brain Mapping and help you to analyse your results.

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