Selling classic Nintendo Gameboy consoles, games and accessories, Kristian Brehaut from Custom Gameboys Guernsey is raising funds for the fantastic Friends of Loveridge Ward cause.


Be sure to take part in their competition - it costs just £1 to enter and you could win a custom Gameboy Advance SP console!


"Recently I bought a Gameboy Advance SP locally from a social media classifieds page which had seen better days, so I looked online to see if I could buy spares to repair it, resulting in an impressive finish. I bought a couple others to do the same thing for some people close to me, then word somehow got out about what I can do, so I decided to create a Facebook group in August to both sell and occasionally buy them.

I enquired to be a representative to raise money and awareness for the "Friends of Loveridge" where I got to meet Vikki Babbe and Belinda Windsor to share my story. I'm lucky enough to use the Pop Up Shop to show off the variety of Gameboys I can provide for the people of Guernsey. I'm selling the AGS-001 models, possibly making some colorful consoles on site, providing replacement parts and repairing/cleaning your old SP. I provide classic games for adults that bring their childhood memories back as well as showing the youngsters of today what us older generation used to play with.

A few well known names and titles; the Pokémon games are the platform's best sellers with millions of fans. Zelda/Link games are both collectable and popular, as are retro classics like Pacman, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat - the list is close to endless.

Pop in to the Pop Up Shop and see what I can do for you!"

14 September 15 to 18 September 15


Custom Gameboy consoles, games and accessories and a whole lot of nostalgia!
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