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Corporate Social Responsibility

The heart of OSA

Effective Corporate Social Responsibility sits at the heart of OSA therefore we were the very proud recipient of the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” as part of the Guernsey Community Foundation Awards November 2011.

We take our responsibility of maintaining the community and environment around us seriously. The whole team welcome contributing to our CSR efforts, including our management team who are extremely supportive as our initiatives can occasionally take us away from our day to day work here at OSA Recruitment.



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Every July we sponsor one of the toughest event in the local sporting calendar alongside the Guernsey Amateur Athletics Association - the OSA All Terrain Challenge. Entries are limited to 70 people who embark on a grueling 7 day event designed to test sporting abilities to their absolute limits.  

We were also very proud to launch our OSA Smith Street Pop-Up Shop in December 2012. The pop-up concept means that each week a different charity, organisation or association moves into the shop for anything from a day to a week. The shop is theirs to do with as they desire, and we have seen a large assortment of activities taking place. Our lovely Belinda oversees the day to day running of the shop and has hosted a huge variety of charities and causes raising tens of thousands of pounds for those in need.


Finally some food for thought –  offering just a little help wherever you can makes a big difference to so many.