Caritas are in the OSA Pop Up Shop this week - be sure to stop by!

Caritas aims to establish a residential community which welcomes, supports and nourishes young people in difficulty, in the youth justice system, in distress or need, working with the land to grow self-esteem and change lifestyles.

The Caritas Community Charitable Trust was founded by Rev Richard Bellinger in 2007 and is a Church of England Deanery initiative. The market kitchen is managed by Richard and his colleague, Sandra Crittel, as well as a number of volunteers.

Many young adults in Guernsey are experiencing a barren landscape: unemployment, poor education, family breakdown, drugs and alcohol abuse, homelessness, mental health problems, low self-esteem, eating disorders and self harm. It is indeed a bleak scene. But as with all barren landscapes there is the possibility for cultivation and growth.

6 November 17 to 11 November 17


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