OSA Pop Up Shop

Launched in December 2012, each week the shop provides a different charity, community scheme or small business a temporary shop to manage as they desire.

Belinda and Ali oversee the day to day running of the shop, and have hosted a huge variety of charities, community groups and businesses, raising significant funds and awareness for many wonderful causes. It's a very happy and highly successful little shop Pop Up Shop which brings a smile to many, especially the OSA team themselves!

For more information about the OSA Pop Up Shop please call 01481 712891 or email ali@osa.gg or rachael@osa.gg



Coming up in the OSA Pop Up Shop

Clothes Swap 2020

Bring along up to 10 of your best pre-loved items to the Clothes Swap! For £2 you can exchange your clothes for new-to-you goodies. A great way to refresh your wardrobe without the financial or environmental costs!

27 Sep 2020 to 03 Oct 2020

Escape Clothing

Beautiful clothing from Escape will be in the shop, come find some lovely items!

05 Oct 2020 to 10 Oct 2020