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As one of the island's leading recruitment agencies, OSA Recruitment can match you with a wide range of fantastic Guernsey jobs in a variety of different industries. Whether you are a senior professional with years of experience, or are looking to take your first steps into a brand new career path, allow us to help you find your next position. See a list of currently available permanent jobs in Guernsey below.


About Banking Jobs in Guernsey

Looking for a banking job in Guernsey?

From financial control to the management of client relationships, there  are a range of opportunities available for those seeking banking jobs in Guernsey. The island has a thriving mature banking sector that includes numerous branches of major international groups as well as smaller independent banks. This diverse range of employers and opportunities make Guernsey an ideal place to begin pursuing a career in the banking industry, or to further your existing career.

Guernsey has been an important centre for offshore banking since the 1960s.

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