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We offer a range of online resources to give you the best possible chance of landing that perfect first job.

Whether you're looking for advice regarding how to dress for an interview, or are agonising over the contents of your CV, our Careers Advice & Job Skills page features plenty of informative blog posts and videos to help you get the edge over your competitors and secure that great role!

OSA’s Guide to Writing a Killer CV

Alice and Poppy from The Temp Desk recently visited the Grammar School to help students put together their CVs. Following on from this, we decided to put together a useful guide that anybody can follow to improve their CV and their chances of nailing that perfect job!

How social media can help (or harm) your career

Social media plays a key role in the job search process today. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn allow future employers to catch a glimpse of who are outside of the confinements of your CV or your interview nerves.

  • Appropriate Language

    In this video, our Senior Consultant Angela Ferguson will help you to understand how to speak appropriately in an interview with a prospective employer.

  • Body Language

    In this video, Temp Desk Senior Consultant Poppy Byrom will explain how body language can speak just as loudly as what you say in an interview.

  • Interviews

    In this video, Temp Desk Manager Alice Digard will guide you through preparing for a job interview, giving you the best chance to impress.

  • What to wear

    In this video, Recruitment Consultant Matt Bain will explain the importance of dressing appropriately for an interview, and help you solve the "tie or no tie" dilemma.

  • The handshake

    In this video, OSA Managing Director Nick Graham will explain just how big an impression an initial handshake can make, and how to perfect yours.

  • Talking too fast

    In this video, OSA Director Sophie Gregson addresses a very common interview faux-pas; speaking too fast.

"People can always tell if you believe in what you are saying, so be sure to speak with passion."


Learn how to impress recruiters and outshine competitors

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