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At OSA, we are dedicated to helping you find your perfect job, and further your career; that's why we have put together this careers advice section. Many people get nervous about job interviews, however getting the basics right beforehand will help put your mind at ease, as well as impress your interviewer.

From dressing and speaking appropriately to giving a good impression with your handshake, our careers advice section is packed with resources to help you have the perfect interview and secure your dream job!

Stuck in the Office this Summer?

It’s that time of year when your colleagues are in and out of the office like yo-yos trying to enjoy the sunshine wherever they can. Most of us will take a summer holiday off-island, or at least take...

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What are your Salary Expectations?

At some point during the application or interview process every potential new recruit will be asked what his or her salary expectations are. Firstly, it’s a quick way for employers eliminate...

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Body Language

In this video, Temp Desk Senior Consultant Poppy Byrom will explain how body language can speak just as loudly as what you say in an interview.

"People can always tell if you believe in what you are saying, so be sure to speak with passion."

"There are over 30 million people employed in the UK aged 16 and over, 1 in 6 work overtime regularly, while 5 million do voluntary or compulsory over time."

OSA Interview Style Bible

Whether we like to admit it or not the human psyche is subconsciously as judgmental as hell and first impressions, especially when it comes to job interviews, are hugely important.   “Job seekers...

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Personal Branding

The social media landscape has continued to evolve at a rapid pace with many dubbing 2013 as ‘the year of social media recruitment’ as organisations integrate social technologies into the way they...

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"30% of all Google searches, about 300 million per month, are employment related."

"Be sure to ask the person who has invited you exactly what is expected from you."

5 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

As you prepare for a job interview, your primary focus will most likely be on how you are going to answer the questions that the interviewers ask you. However, it is also worth considering what you...

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Detox your Desk

At this time of year we all tend to take a step back, reassess our lives and make lots of promises about how we will strive to be a better person. Most of these changes tend to centre around our...

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Appropriate Language

In this video, our Senior Consultant Angela Ferguson will help you to understand how to speak appropriately in an interview with a prospective employer.

"While 94% of recruiters use social media for their jobs, only 39% of all employers use it for recruiting and hiring."

Make your Job Application Stand Out

The OSA Guide to the Ultimate Job Application   “Although the way we apply for jobs has changed with the advent of online forms and LinkedIn, from our experience many recruiters still like to see a...

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The handshake

In this video, OSA Managing Director Nick Graham will explain just how big an impression an initial handshake can make, and how to perfect yours.

What to wear

In this video, Recruitment Consultant Matt Bain will explain the importance of dressing appropriately for an interview, and help you solve the "tie or no tie" dilemma.

Learn to Love your Job

It’s Sunday night and as you sit with your feet up watching the most recent episode of The Voice that feeling of dread starts to seep into your mind and wash over your sub consciousness. No, it’s not...

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Motivating Yourself for Back to School Time

Motivate yourself to get back into the office...   It’s not just the kids who face a rude awakening as they traipse back into their classrooms at this time of year. After an extended summer period...

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Talking too fast

In this video, OSA Director Sophie Gregson addresses a very common interview faux-pas; speaking too fast.

OSA’s Guide to Writing a Killer CV

Alice and Poppy from The Temp Desk recently visited the Grammar School to help students put together their CVs. Following on from this, we decided to put together a useful guide that anybody can...

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In this video, Temp Desk Manager Alice Digard will guide you through preparing for a job interview, giving you the best chance to impress.

"A great way to prepare for an interview is to write down your answers to common interview questions. If you can't think of any, a quick Google search can help. If these very common questions do pop up in the interview, you'll be glad you did."

To Shake or Kiss?!!

You go in for a handshake. They go in for a kiss. The result is a hideous cocktail of awkward laughter, blushing and a nagging sensation that something has gone horribly wrong. Historically, a...

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Summertime Childcare

As a child you pine for the long summer holidays to start, six weeks of sunshine and outdoor activities with NO SCHOOL! As a result this is a time that working parents dread. We're sure most parents...

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