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Career Coaching

Coaching is a partnership between two people based on trust and respect.  Individuals come to coaching because they want something to change something in their life.  Through a series of one-to-one confidential sessions, a Coach can help increase self-awareness to identify opportunities and can help you stay on track with your goals, explore the options and form action plans.  

We are happy to offer a short, no-obligation session to find out if coaching could benefit you…

Our Career Coaching expert Alice Digard has worked for OSA Recruitment since 2003, and is a qualified Executive Coach (via the HumanTechnics and Bristol Business School Postgraduate Coaching Certificate, 2015).

Interested in our career coaching service?

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Our coaching can be useful for anyone looking to identify a career path or facing redundancy, and can also help you with the following:

  • Managing time better
  • Tackling performance problems in a team
  • Acquire skills for a new role
  • Dealing with stress in part of their life
  • Getting a better balance between work and home
  • Improve an important working relationship