Why we stand out from the crowd

02 December 2022

There are many reasons why businesses decide to use a recruitment agency when seeking candidates for a vacant position. It saves time, taps into recruitment expertise and local market knowledge, as well as providing a broad base of candidates already looking for their next move. Selecting the right agency to take on your recruitment needs is fundamental, especially in the market conditions we are currently facing where there are more vacant posts than candidates to fill them.

So why come to OSA? For us recruitment is much more than playing the numbers game. We invest time in developing strong long-term relationships with both clients and candidates, building a fundamental understanding of all parties’ goals and objectives – basically, we listen. 

We have been listening since our inception in 1987 – that’s 35 years’ worth of incredibly useful information and market knowledge. As a direct result, we have developed and honed our service provision, offering complementary activities and services to support and enhance the recruitment process – ensuring we stay a step ahead of the competition. Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But here are a few examples.

Part of our ethos in building strong bonds with our clients, is to avoid bombarding them with less relevant candidates. This discerning matching process has created a solid foundation of trust with our clients, borne out by one number of which we are extremely proud - for every two candidate CVs we submit for a vacancy, one is invited for an interview. 

Guernsey benefits from a high number of experienced, extremely knowledgeable non-executive directors (NEDs) who can bring real value to any boardroom. We have been maintaining our own independent NED register in collaboration with the IoD for more than 10 years, interviewing all those seeking this type of role - as we do with all candidates - to understand their individual skills and areas of expertise. 

This allows us to identify the most suitable NED for any company looking to fill a particular seat at the boardroom table. This service is headed up by OSA owner and chairman Nick Graham. NEDs and clients alike benefit from Nick’s 30 years' experience in recruitment at all levels and his enviable network of contacts both locally and further afield.

Recruitment is one key part of people management, but over the years many of you have sought wider support in developing both your staff and your organisation to maximum benefit for all stakeholders. Through our business support service we can assist you and your team in areas such as personal development, organisational change, succession planning and other workplace issues. As an example, COVID-19 has changed working patterns for good. According to the UK Office for National Statistics’ recent Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, 84% of workers who had to work from home because of the pandemic said they hoped to mix working at home and in their place of work in the future. A preference for this hybrid working pattern means many of you are introducing flexible conditions for your employees, and we can offer advice and guidance on this and many other facets of people management.

Our ancillary services also include PRISM Brain Mapping which adds an extra level of refinement to matching a suitable candidate to a vacant role. PRISM is the world’s most comprehensive online behaviour mapping tool. A candidate completes a questionnaire, the results are delivered in both report and graphical form, and our certified PRISM Brain Mapping practitioner Annie is on hand to help interpret the results. Neuroscience made easy.

Over 35 years, we have evolved and developed our services to ensure that we are delivering what you want and need for your business. Recruitment is our thing, but we do more than just place people into jobs. We believe we stand out from the crowd – and not only for our bright yellow branding.