This Weekend: Kindness and Fairy Doors

19 February 2021

The past week has been Random Acts of Kindness Week, with people around the world being encouraged to do a kind gesture for those around them.  It feels even more important that we do those small actions during our lockdown, helping to perk up anyone from our close family, our bubble or just a stranger, we can all keep each other’s spirits up!

Smile for Georgie are always encouraging us in Guernsey to do something to make someone else’s day better.  This weekend why not do something a bit extra to make someone smile – make your mum that cup of tea, doing shopping for your self-isolating friend, paint a pebble and leave it on your doorstep, call your friends or even donate to charity.

Belinda, OSA’s Manager, has seen that at Le Ponchez Farm in Castel they have hidden and hung lots of toys in the hedges and trees, and is a great thing to make you smile!


To do this weekend:

Fairy Door Hunting – another thing to make you smile!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting activity to do with kids then why not head out this weekend and look for fairy doors hidden around the island. Lisa, our Business Support Officer, and her two children love going out to look for these magical doorways on their walks.

Lisa says:  

“We like going fairy door hunting as a family.  It’s a very good incentive to encourage the children to leave the house and get some exercise!

I asked Liv why she liked it and she said that she loves fairy door hunting because you get to see what colour the fairy doors are, and she loves the pictures on the doors like the flowers and rainbows.

Jacques said he loves it because he loves fairies and loves the fact that they live in them.

The below website gives more info and also contains a map which shows you where the fairy doors are, which you will be able to see are island wide. The walks include various nature trails, cliff paths, castle walks etc.  Sometimes you can find more than one door on a walk too! There is a request though not to touch the doors as they can be fragile.”



Spot the fairy door by the stream!