The Wisdom of Sark

21 October 2021

This week Angela talks about why she loves the other rock across the water, and what life lessons it has to tell us.

I have a newfound love of Sark. Of course I’ve always known it was there – I can see it from my office window, and also from my bed. I had been there in the past but until recently I just didn’t pay enough attention to it.

Like many Bailiwick residents, taking local breaks has become the norm and since March of last year, my husband and I have been to Sark not once, not twice but three times, with another escape on the cards.

The wisdom of Sark is a tonic; nothing we don’t know already but is a simple back-to-basics reminder. If Sark could talk, I think it would say:


Look up

Stargaze, study the sky, clouds and appreciate the space.

Slow down

Amble, stroll, wander, lazy pedal. There’s no rush.

Do nothing

Read, nap, light a fire, sleep late, turn off your phone.

Breathe in

Take deep breaths, fill your lungs with real fresh air.

Listen up

Delight in the sound of silence, and birds, hooves, and tractors.

Be nice

Say hi, good morning, lovely weather, how are you?


It would also probably say:

Visit pub, and

Don’t wear white trainers.

Wise old Sark!