How to Listen...

19 February 2014

OSA's Guide on How to Listen

In this modern age full of smart phone, email and social media distractions have we forgotten how to listen to each other?

One study in 2008 concluded that the average attention span had dwindled to just five minutes, down from 12 minutes 10 years earlier, while two separate studies last year found that teachers believe student attention spans have been adversely affected by technology. So if your attention is already disappearing as you skim read down to the last paragraph of this article then you will be familiar with the issue.

Good listening skills are the cornerstone of communication in any relationship, including those at work. Listening is a sign of respect and tells the other person that their opinion is worth your undivided attention.

So here is OSA Recruitment’s guide to being a good listener in the work place:

-       Focus your attention on the person who’s speaking

-       Put down your smart phone

-       Close down your inbox

-       Turn yourself towards the person speaking

-       Maintain eye contact

-       Do not fiddle

-       Do not interrupt

-       Nodding your head will indicate you hear what the speaker is saying

-       Repeat some things the speaker said

-       Provide positive feedback as encouragement