Team Spirit

20 March 2020

It's all a little unsettling in the world right now, it's probably best to address that first. The next few months of uncertainty and change will be challenging for everyone. So we would like to let you know the ways that we as a small company are trying to do everything we can to keep both our team and our Guernsey community safe.


A normal day in the OSA office is filled with people coming in and out, handshakes, tea and lots of chatter. Last week we did a practice of our full Business Continuity plans and are glad to say it was a great success and that the whole OSA team can carry out all the good work we do remotely if needed.


As a recruitment consultancy we meet a lot of people every day, which we love. We have replaced physical interviews and meetings with Skype calls, Teams meetings and good old phone calls. This lets us still take care of our candidates without the worry of how many hands we have shaken!


At the moment half our team are working remotely and the other in the office, switching each day. Because we are a team of 11 we really are like family, so thankfully technology is keeping us in touch. We have a video call every morning, our office chatter now takes place through GIFs and emojis, calls of 'tea anyone?' in the office now replaced with 'would you like the antibac?'. It's different but we are still managing to be a team, support each other and do our jobs just as well in this new set up. We're finding new ways to be a unified team of 11 in 6 different places at once.


Our island is very much a big team - we know we can still be a great community and support each other in new ways; even if that does mean staying apart, working from home and practicing social distancing. We can still call our neighbour, facetime our work colleagues and donate money to our charities online. We will keep adapting to the challenges of the coming months and help each other.


Our charity Pop Up Shop remains open for the time being, with sanitiser at the door and a big smile. We are currently working on new ways that we can bring the amazing community spirit from the physical into the digital world.


OSA are still here to talk, working to help our clients, candidates and community wherever we can.


You can call, email and even chat with us over the website in real time!