Summertime Childcare

04 July 2014

As a child you pine for the long summer holidays to start, six weeks of sunshine and outdoor activities with NO SCHOOL! As a result this is a time that working parents dread. We're sure most parents would all love to spend the whole of the six weeks with their little angels, but the reality is that most wont be able to take more than two weeks off during the summer. So what do you do about the shortfall?


Parent Swap

There are bound to be lots of families in the same situation this summer. With some planning you can easily co-ordinate holiday time with another family and therefore share the load, especially if your kids are the same age. This way two weeks of childcare can easily turn into four.



Grandparents are often the best solution to summer childcare because everyone benefits. Youngsters get to spend valuable time with them and you don’t need to stress. It also helps to build really strong bonds between them, and of course there are the financial implications. Grandparents are usually free!


Work from home

It is worth plucking up the courage and broaching working from home with your employer. Be prepared to list which projects can be done remotely and how it would operate smoothly. If your children are older and can be left to their own devices as long as you are home with them, then this could be the perfect solution.



This is an expense most families just cannot afford, but if you can and you decide to employ a child-minder then be aware of any contractual implications. For example a child-minder may still take their own summer holiday during the school break and will probably expect paid leave so ensure this is factored into your finances.


Play schemes

There are lots of different options available ranging from sports to drama or academic based camps. You can also choose between full residential schemes, day camps or morning groups to suit your requirements. Top tip – plan ahead and book early!