Stuck in the Office this Summer?

04 July 2014

It’s that time of year when your colleagues are in and out of the office like yo-yos trying to enjoy the sunshine wherever they can. Most of us will take a summer holiday off-island, or at least take a week out of the office whilst we try to negotiate childcare and taking some time for ourselves.

With all this gallivanting around inevitably someone ends up stuck in the office - usually with double the workload. So how do you manage this extra capacity without disruption, stress or ruining your summer?


Here is our OSA guide for coping…


The best way to address stress is to stop it before it occurs. Don’t let your colleague’s holiday plans creep up on you – put it in your diary and ensure a handover procedure is in place with relevant lead times.



Rank tasks in priority order with the most urgent deliverables at the top. Attack these first, no matter how undesirable they are so that nothing is missed.


Set Deadlines

Set expectations and do not over-commit, this way everyone is on the same page.



Use existing staff to help you share the load. Do not take on the burden alone if you do not need to.



Burning the candle at both ends will not help in times of increased stress. Keep your social schedule to a minimum during the week your colleague is away. This way you will be bright and focused which will help you keep the ship on course.