This Weekend: From Couch to Half Marathon

20 September 2021

This weekend our Consultant Mike will be running his first Half Marathon. Here he talks about his recent running journey.

Until recently I’ve always turned to creative pursuits like music and photography to help balance the stresses and strains of daily life. Great for the mind but less beneficial for the body!

So back in January, as we headed into the second Guernsey lockdown and with the prospect of weeks of housebound isolation ahead, I decided that I could really do with some additional incentive to make sure I made full use of the daily outdoor exercise allowance.

So, largely inspired and encouraged by my bandmate Colleen who started running in the first lockdown, I signed up to the NHS Couch to 5K app and with Michael Johnson guiding me through the 9-week course I went from being a decidedly unfit non-runner to a much fitter novice runner with a new-found love for the sport and a much-reduced waistline!

Since completing the Couch to 5K in March I’ve not looked back and after my first experience of running in an organised race (this September’s Mind 10K) I will be taking part (and hopefully completing) this weekend’s Butterfield Half Marathon.

I must confess to having developed something of an obsession with the ‘simple’ sport of running (apologies to my poor colleagues at OSA) and regularly find myself scouring YouTube for expert tips and tutorials and reviews of the latest shoes, sports watches and general running apparel!

Having been involved in music for as long as I can remember I’ve long appreciated the incredible array of talent and the vibrant creative energy to be found on this small island. Since taking up running I’ve got to know a whole new community of friendly and enthusiastic people all making the most of what this incredible island has to offer!