What is it like to do PRISM?

02 July 2020

We asked our newest team member Rachael to chat about her experience of doing the PRISM brain mapping that we offer here at OSA.


"I originally did the PRISM questionnaire in December when I first joined OSA and again in May - to see if my results would have changed in my 6 months working at the company.


To my surprise my answers were different the second time around - I rated my confidence higher and felt I could share my ideas more - so my 'innovation' behaviour was a lot more prominent.  Now that I know my team better, and how supportive and welcoming of ideas they are, I feel happy to speak up much more than I did when I had just started (this was my first job too!). It's very helpful to see this on paper as I wouldn't otherwise have noticed the change as much.


Everyone probably has a sense of what kind of person they are and can anticipate some of the traits that may come up. I found it reassuring to see these reflected in the map - my results were particularly strong in the gold and blue quadrants - so my behaviour is described as a methodical, analytical, thorough, dependable and supportive which very much suits my role as Business Support Assistant (phew!).


Annie and Alice were so helpful in explaining my map and all the science behind PRISM, it was really fascinating. We chatted about the ways I can use my strengths in the office. Scoring very high in an area is also something you have to be careful of as you can overdo a behaviour - for me this not becoming too much a perfectionist and getting stuck. We also discussed the parts of my map I would like to develop, for me that is my green quadrant.


I already felt I knew myself quite well but PRISM has helped me a lot and I would really recommend it to anyone."