Personal Branding

22 November 2013

The social media landscape has continued to evolve at a rapid pace with many dubbing 2013 as ‘the year of social media recruitment’ as organisations integrate social technologies into the way they recruit, develop and engage employees.

At the top level, recruiters are using social media to recruit, to research, and to retain.

Let’s look at the research aspect. When we think of recruitment in terms of social media we all immediately turn to LinkedIn, it is a professional networking tool – so it makes sense. But stop for a moment. Put yourself in the shoes of a highly qualified HR Director recruiting for a senior -level position, where would you look to find out more information on your candidate?

LinkedIn for sure, you’d probably Google them, and you would definitely check out their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Now watch this video…

The stats are clear: whether you are actively seeking a new job, or hoping to hold on to your current position you must consider your own personal branding.

Check out the below infographic from Hired My Way on the basics of personal branding with social media and learn how to showcase the best of yourself on the web.