An update from OSA

11 October 2021

As a small business, like many others, at OSA we have had to steer through turbulent waters over the past 18 months. The reality is that we have gone from what would have been our most successful financial year ever to “survival” existence. However, fortunately things are definitely on the up now, and there are positive shoots to give us confidence.

After some naval gazing about our purpose, our core DNA in this new Covid world, we have commissioned surveys with both our clients and candidates to ask serious questions about us, and whether our beliefs about ourselves are accurate.

Well, the results have come back and we are really pleased with what we have read. Our brand is strongest amongst our peers, and our values of trustworthiness, integrity and knowledge shine through in spades.

The team’s deep understanding of matching candidate skills to the best jobs was a key take-away, but without doubt the highlight is the very high score with stakeholders saying they would recommend OSA.  That and the response that a third of all OSA candidates are using OSA as their sole recruitment consultants.

Of course, there are areas where we need to improve, but none was unknown to us. We feel vindicated that engaging with an independent consultant has enabled us to achieve this knowledge and confidence about ourselves and the direction we need to move in.

We look forward to future success and will always strive to use the knowledge we have gained to exceed expectations. A big thank you to East Harbour Consultants.