Some Interesting Statistics!

12 November 2021

We are pleased to share with you some statistics from our OSA Key Performance Indicators. 

  • A ratio of 2:1! For every two candidate CVs sent, one candidate receives an interview.  Our client relationships are extremely important, so we strive to ensure that we match the most suitable candidate to the vacancies.  We have always been proud of the way we work and to see this statistic confirms we are doing a good job for our clients – even if sometimes we lose out by not bombarding our clients with less relevant candidates.
  • June 2021 saw the biggest increase in the number of job vacancies that we have ever had in one month. We received 148 new jobs (117 permanent and 31 temporary).  It was a crazy time and the start of what we have seen as being a difficult market for our clients when searching for the right candidate.
  • During 2021 we have had an increasing amount of people visiting our website – in one month we had 5650 visitors and this trend has continued with more and more website visits as the year has gone on.
  • Following this we have also seen that we have had a strong reach on Facebook and LinkedIn 75,000 people via Facebook adverts and 8,000 people via LinkedIn during one specific month. Social media has always been an ever important tool for us at OSA and for our clients and this has definitely accelerated since the start of the pandemic.
  • Finally some OSA team statistics!  We will have been in existence for 35 years in 2022 and Nick Graham (our Chairman) has been at the helm for 31 of those years. This huge amount of experience brings a network of contacts that results in so many exclusive vacancies for OSA, which has increased during 2021.  Sophie Gregson has been with OSA for 21 years, Angela Ferguson, 17 years, Esther Weysom 14 years with Lisa Topping, Mike Bonsall, Annie Innes and Lauren Ridgwell joining us in the last 5 years.  A team that we are extremely proud of and their support has been invaluable.

It has been an unusual and challenging year for most companies (including OSA) and having statistics like the ones we have shared today show that the hard work we have committed to is resulting in success, and we are working hard to ensure further success in 2022 and beyond.