OSA Interview Style Bible

13 November 2013

Whether we like to admit it or not the human psyche is subconsciously as judgmental as hell and first impressions, especially when it comes to job interviews, are hugely important.


“Job seekers should wear something that reflects that they are respectful of the opportunity, preferably tailored and crisp, but also allows their personality to shine” Sophie Gregson, OSA Director.


Regardless of whether you’re searching for a job in a corporate environment like finance or pursuing a more creative career, it’s best to err on the conservative side. That said being a business professional doesn’t have to be boring.


In the current competitive recruitment market no aspect of your interview preparation should be overlooked. Therefore OSA has put together this helpful style bible to ensure that your interview fashion is pitched just right.


Don’t wear anything too bold

- this may detract the interviewer from what you have to say


Don’t wear jeans

- it is always better to be smarter than required rather than too laid back


Don’t wear sunglasses on your head

- you are not Mike Huston from Come Dine With Me



Do carry an attractive folder

- this will help form part of your overall impression, make sure your CV is inside too.


Do have your outfit dry cleaned

- this is not the time for dried pasta or ketchup stains, polishing your shoes is also a good idea


Do test drive your outfit

- even if this just means wearing it around the house to make sure you are comfortable sitting and walking


Do also pay attention to your grooming as well as your outfit

- neat hair and tidy, clean fingernails are essential for a good overall top to toe presentation


Do continue dressing for success even when you have landed the job

-  because your next promotion is only one step away...