An Ever-Changing World

13 December 2021

This has been a really difficult year for so many.

Sometimes the lengths we go to find stability or normality in an ever-changing world set us apart but also can bring us together.

Currently you can see tensions in so many areas, including:

  • Employers who are constantly shifting and evolving to maintain productivity whilst allowing employees more scope to work according to necessary guidelines. They are needing to cope with dynamically opposed viewpoints and the increasing mental health problems of their workforce.
  • Parents who are trying to maintain a healthy balance for their children by keeping life light-hearted and continuing their general routines whilst shifting the goal posts to allow time off, which in turn impacts on their working day.
  • Charities that have additional needs due to staff shortages for health reasons, while at the same time fund raising, donations and events have been cut.

Despite these problems we also need to reflect on how far people will go to strengthen the connections between us, including:

  • Quarantining in a hotel for weeks to have that hug with a family member.
  • Desperately seeking a vaccine or rejecting restrictions because of wanting life to go back to normal, returning to the connectivity we all crave.
  • A range of behaviour from individuals locking themselves at home to wanting to socialize to the extreme.

Although our approaches may be polarized, I think we should realize that often our attitudes come from a place of love. We will get through this pandemic, so put up an extra decoration if it makes you smile, add another pound to the charity box or send some cards to brighten someone’s day.