Alice and Belinda Chat Coaching

14 February 2020

Alice and Belinda Chat Coaching

Our Temp Desk Manager and Senior Permanent Consultant discuss how coaching skills can be hugely beneficial in the world of recruitment. 

In consultative recruitment, meeting candidates and understanding their needs in respect of their career and how it fits into their lifestyle is incredibly important. Coaching can provide consultants with extra skills and techniques to most effectively build a positive and useful dialogue.


Why is coaching a useful skillset for consultants to have do you think?

Belinda: "In recruitment we are talking, assisting and discussing very sensitive and personal matters with our candidates every day. Coaching skills can be really helpful to make sure we are asking open questions to candidates and allowing them to feel that they are really being listened to. Coaching teaches you to make sure you aren't just waiting to respond, instead you actually hear the candidate which is so important."

Alice: "We also sometimes meet candidates who don't always see the potential in their skill set for one reason or another. Coaching is very much about helping the individual find their way by identifying their options and highlighting what actions are required to reach their goals. It's incredibly helpful. We can gently provide an outside perspective and encourage people's self-belief, if they are struggling to see their own strengths, or to find a way through."

Do you think that coaching helps you make more successful and effective placements?

Belinda: "Yes, coaching is really helpful in that it gets you to focus on the individual rather than the CV or skillset. Careers are a huge part of people's lives so has to be right for the individual’s personal values and needs and to fulfil them. We can break down the candidate’s ultimate goal into achievable steps and make the best suggestions and placements for that moment. It's not about fixing everything there and then, but taking realistic and do-able steps.”

Alice: "Yes, it's especially useful when it comes to wellbeing and mental health. As consultants we have a good idea of what different work places and industries are like. Having good and open discussions with candidates means we can take their needs into account, avoid places that won't work with their style, and instead find them jobs they'll love and they can work their best."

How do you think your training as a coach has changed the way you work?

Alice: "Coaching training helped reaffirm to me the importance of active listening, being non-judgemental, and asking questions that stimulate meaningful conversations. It helped to check that the way I was talking to candidates was the right way - when you've been working in a job for a while it's nice to check you're doing it properly. I also think it helps me to remember not everyone will see their achievements and strengths, so coaching gives you skills to help people gain more self-belief."

Belinda: "I think it really helped me understand different communication styles that are different from my own. Coaching is also about the here and now and seeing what we can do today. Through coaching you can help an individual to recognise their skills and strengths, unlocking opportunities and ideas that they may not have considered. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching and offering immediate solutions."

If you would like more information on coaching and how it could benefit you, please get in touch: 01481 712891

Alice is a qualified Executive Coach, following her course from HumanTechnics and Bristol Business School Postgraduate Coaching Certificate in 2015.

Belinda recently qualified from the MOE Certified Coach Training Course in December 2019 and is a member of the Association for Coaching.