A Thank You To Our Temps

29 March 2012

Because we recognise the importance of saying ‘You’re doing a good job, well done!’ we offer our temps a Reward Scheme to say ‘Thank you!’ and this is a great way to show our appreciation.

Every hour a Temp works, they earn a point which can be used towards gaining a reward*.

Many of our Temps have taken advantage of this scheme, including some who have been temping with us for years! Yvonne is one such temp who has managed to build up a staggering 7500 points since starting with the Temp Desk.  Yvonne says “The points scheme in place is a great idea, it rewards temps for every hour worked. I thoroughly enjoy spending the vouchers and look forward to earning more in the future”.

Carmen, another candidate who is working with The Temp Desk, says “I've recently claimed my first reward of a £100 Amazon voucher and I'm really happy with it! I think the reward scheme is a great idea as it means that even when I'm trying to save money, I can still treat myself!”

More treats..

We also love to surprise our temps with unexpected gifts, as a token of thanks and appreciation. They can look forward to treats such as muffins, biscuits, toffee apples, and even a chance to win the lottery!

Peter is one of our temps that enjoys these treats, he says “The Temp Desk provide chocolate/interesting gifts for every holiday and even events such as the battle of Britain.”

Also Katy, another one of our temps, says “they provide great monthly special deliveries to your office, and a great rewards scheme for hours worked.”